Casper// Vintage Afghan, Tribal Runner , Bohemian, rustic - Rug, 2'11" x 8'0"


Rizbaft rugs are hand woven tribal rugs from Eastern Afghanistan. These are primarily woven by Pashtun and Baluch nomad artisans. Hand made from 100% natural wool, in floral and all over pattern designs with very dense weave. Durable, they mostly come in smaller sizes. The Balouch people also weave saddlebags, salt bags, prayer rugs, which reflect their nomadic way of life.

Country of Origin: Afghanistan
Construction: Hand-Knotted
Age: 20-35 years old
Materials : wool
Condition: Excellent , cleaned and washed, no tear, ready to use
Pile : Medium to Plush / 81-100 kpsi kpsi
Colours : Dark Red,Black, Cream, Dark Red

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